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Monday Motivation from Ajah Kingsley (August 27th)

Monday Motivation from Ajah Kingsley (August 27th)

Monday Motivation from Ajah Kingsley (August 27th)Monday Motivation from Ajah Kingsley (August 27th)

We live in a society where everybody seeks instant satisfaction. We want what we want and we want it now! Everybody is in a hurry to make it,no one wants to go through the process .

We sow a seed today and want to reap the same day,we conceive a dream today and want to birth it today,we develop a business plan and want to have a flourishing business at the snap of our fingers, we want to get a chicken from an egg but nobody is willing to Wait through the process of hatching, so we smash the egg and lose because of our impatience!

And when we can’t have what we want the time we want it,when we see our mates getting ahead faster than we are,we become more desperate to succeed.

We start cutting corners,doing things in an unacceptable and unethical ways,stealing, sleeping around and even engaging in money rituals just to meet our desired goals, all because of impatience!

In the journey of success, patience is a virtue!
Unless you want to have a preterm baby, you must be willing to carry your pregnancy to term( period of 9 months)

Anything great takes time to grow and mature, including our dreams.Patience is not synonymous with idleness or laziness, it means willingness to face obstacles nurturing your dreams throughout the growing period while waiting for the harvest.It means giving yourself time to grow and develop.

There is no easy path to success so you be eager to embrace the process.
Your hard work may take many years to pay off but that doesn’t mean you’re not making any progress, it only means you need more patience and time!

It may take few months for a seed of corn to yield ears of corn and many years for a mango seed to produce mango fruits but that doesn’t make the mango fruits less edible

The size and impact of your dreams are not the same with that of others. While it may take one person 5years to succeed, it may take another 10 years but trust me the impact might not be the same.All you need is to stick to your plans and exercise some patience.

Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Trust the process, your time is coming, just do the work and the results will manifest when it is time.


©Amb Kings 27/8/18

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