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Massacres Do Not Necessarily Produce Corpses By Owei Lakemfa

Owei Lakemfa There is a sickening campaign by some unfeeling persons that those who claim there were killings at the Lekki Tollgate on October 20, 2020 or are searching for missing loved ones who went to the protests, should produce the corpses. To this group, unless corpses are produced, there …

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US Election ‘Was A Total Fraud’, Trump Insists

File Photo: President Donald Trump speaks with reporters at the White House US President Donald Trump on Sunday indicated that he would never concede to Joe Biden or abandon his conspiracy theory about mass ballot fraud. Speaking to Fox News in the first TV interview since losing his re-election bid, …

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Deadly Legionnaires Disease Spreads In Portugal, 200 Tested Positive

An illustration of Legionella bacteria, the cause of Legionnaires' disease (Roger Harris / Science Photo Library) The Legionnaires disease, another fatal infection, is spreading faster than projected as about 200 Portuguese have been diagnosed to have contracted the disease. The Legionnaires disease, which was being curtailed from spreading, had infected …

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