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Pulse List: 5 Yoruba actresses every man wants to date

Mercy Aigbe

These five Yoruba actresses sure keep the male fans spellbound with every Instagram or Facebook post and tweets.

There are five Yoruba actresses, who every man wants to have as his date or lover.

Though Nollywood is filled with beautiful actresses, some of which are popular amongst Yoruba-speaking and non-Yoruba speaking audience, these five Yoruba actresses sure keep the male fans spellbound with every Instagram or Facebook post and tweets.

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Over the years, these beauties, who became famous for their acting abilities, have consistently commanded respect from many of their fans – mostly male – in and outside Nigeria.

This list parades actresses, who have achieved a good level of celebrity and are intelligent, desirable, popular, attractive, hot and are some of the productive ladies in their sector.

Here are the five Yoruba actresses every man wants to date.

1. Mercy Aigbe


From her head to her toe, Mercy Aigbe's beauty is unique, classy and enthralling.

When on-screen, The 'Omoge Benin' star need not do much before male folks willingly handed over to her their complete and devoted attention.

So alluring is Aigbe that it is believed that the more of her men see, the more they want.


Despite her fair share of controversies in the last three years, Mercy's face is attracting several brands to her personality and she's without doubt cashing out big time.

Who doesn’t apprehend Mercy? Virtually half the population of Yoruba movie lovers in Nigeria and outside is admirer of her beautiful beauty.

2. Iyabo Ojo


For Iyabo Ojo, there's no doubt that she has efficiently established herself as one of the talented and flat-out gorgeous actresses to emerge from the Yoruba speaking arm of Nollywood.

Her knack for looking good all the time mixed with her sense of fashion has left men drooling all over her.

Greatest of all is that Iyabode Ojo surely understands perfectly how to work it out and make them beg for more.


From her characters in movies to her personality, Iyabo possess an undeniable charm. And more times often than not, this mother of two come through with a smoking hot body.

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3. Biodun Okeowo


For every outing or Instagram post by Biodun Sofuyi Okeowo, several men stare awestruck at her angelic face, dangerously curvaceous body, booty that goes on for days, and her long, shapely legs.

With two children and not looking at having a third one, Biodun, widely referred to as Omo Butty, is one of the Yoruba actresses men long for.


In addition to Biodun's gorgeous looks and sultry demeanor, she reportedly breaks the actress' stereotype by being quite friendly.

Her salacious Instagram posts and decision to flaunt her booty at will are some of the reasons many men will clean their accounts just to have a lunch date with Omo Butty.

4. Toyin Abraham


Toyin Abraham formerly Toyin Aimakhu is a sensational actress who grew up in the ancient city of Ibadan, Oyo state.

Without doubt, Toyin has forced virtually everyone’s attraction towards her for her beauty and charm.

This talented role player is one in every of the highest 20 top actresses of Nollywood in in the last four years.


For her, Toyin's look brings curiosity such that many want to find out the personality behind the famed actress.

5. Nkechi Blessing


Though there's little doubt that Nkechi Blessing has firmly established herself as that rare beauty who can actually act, she has continued to command attention from men who seek her grace.

Nkechi's determination to position herself as a serious actress in Nollywood is paying off with more roles coming her way and male admirers littering her social media pages.


Men everywhere have embraced her curvy and robust frame, as well as her strong, all-natural features.

Nkechi's dangerously curvaceous booty is being talked about by male admirers and fans who would go all the way to get a date with her.

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