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Start The Week With Monday Motivation from Ajah Kingsley

Start The Week With Monday Motivation from Ajah Kingsley

A lot of people might never make it in this life, not because they don’t have potentials, talents or big dreams but because jealousy has made them lose focus on their dreams.

They are so green with envy and feel threatened by the progress of others. They are bitter and resentful when a friend or coworker outperforms them or gets promoted.

They believe someone has to lose for them to win. If they can’t have a great relationship or marriage definitely not you . if they tried and failed then there is no reason to see you succeed.

They believe another has to be poor for them to be rich and if you are hardworking, it simply means you want to take over their position @ the office hence they go extra miles to set you up and ensure you’re either fired or transferred.

They are deadly competitive in nature and never speak the language of WIN-WIN. They have been baptized in the ocean of hatred and blinded by the spirit of envy hence lost clarity of purpose.

Envy is corrosive, it stagnates, it shoots at others and wounds itself, it makes you focus on the blessings of others instead of counting yours.

In a great river are both large and small fish but none complains that the other consumes more oxygen.
The sky is wide enough for every bird to fly @ any desired height without collision.

The success of Bill Gates isn’t the reason why Nigeria’s economy is at rock bottom.
The existence of Facebook doesn’t prevent WhatsApp or Instagram from existing.
The Production of HYPO doesn’t prevent the existence of JIK.
TECHNO PHONES are still in the market despite the introduction of INFINIX Phones.

Instead of feeling threatened by the progress of others why not appreciate them,learn their strategies and implement them?

Let the success of others inspire you to achieve more, don’t let them make you go green with envy.


©Amb Kings 13/8/18

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